Sunday , June 13 2021

Yasir Shah, after Imran Khanen

The Pakistani match was in the 4 races in the last match of Abu Dhabi. Dubai will be revenged. But who could think that the revenge would match the one direction? The entire New Zealand band had to be in the hands of a single Yasir Shah. Eight wickets took innings only and 6 wickets second innings only innings innings alone. As a result, Pakistan won innings and 16 runs.

Yasir Shah has shown great success in Pakistan. As a result, the winner of the match won twenty spinner. Not only that, Yasir Shah has put his name in an extraordinary high-performance record.

The legendary Pakistani critic, winner of the World Cup captain and current Prime Minister Imran Khan, has shown the best bowling performance in Pakistan for 36 years now. In 1982, Imran Khan took 14 wickets on 116 steps to attack Sri Lankan.

Yasir Shahk wicked 14 wins at 184 stairs with Dubaire. As a result of this record, Yasser Shah was sitting next to Imran Khan. Not only that, Yasir Shah broke the record of Sri Lanka's legend, now retired Rangana Herath. Herath was the best in the UAE. He won 11 wickets in the region last year against Pakistan. Leaving Yasser Herath behind.

The second best bowling was under Pakistani Abdul Kadir. The loser took 13 wickets in 101, 101 against England in 1987. Yasir Shah has passed now. Fazle Mahmood picked up 13 Wickets in 1956 Australia's 114 stairs.

Yasir Shah scored the two best legs. Narendra Hirwani and Anil Kumble In 1988, Hirawani took 16 wickets against 136 New Zealand West Indies against New Zealand.

In 1999, Anil Kumble took 149 orders against Pakistan, with 14 wickets. In that match, Kumble made 10 wickets with 74 innings and 10 wickets. And all, Yasir Shah was the best figure in the match figures.

England's Jim Laker is the best bowling figure. He took 19 wickets in Australia Australia in 1956, with 19 wickets. There are 16 wickets for Narendra Hirwani and Muttiah Muralitharan. Harbhajan Singh has 15 wickets. 5 bowls have 14 wickets. Among them, Yasir Shah is one.


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