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2019 election: The PTB does not want "CO2 taxes, but a CEO tax"

In Belgium

On Thursday, PTB submitted ten climate proposals in federal, regional and European elections.

According to the president of the party, Peter Mertens, it is essential to combine the fight against climate change and purchasing power. "We do not want CO2 tax, but a CEO tax," he said at a press conference.

Proposals proposed by the PTB reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% in 2030 and totally neutral in 2050, with 50% saving energy and 100% energy savings. renewable energy production

To this end, the Marxist Party proposes the re-enactment of Climate, Energy and Mobility capabilities, which would be in the hands of a single minister.

In order to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, PTB offers an "isolation limit" for buildings. People with low income will be financed through a third-party payment mechanism. For public buildings and public homes, the PTB has a climate neutrality until 2030.

In terms of mobility, the party wants to increase rail investment, with the aim of achieving a frequency of four-hour train between city and city cities. PTB offers free transportation on Stib and De Lijn networks and free free trains.

In order to finance these measures, the stakes are committed to creating a public climate bank. This organization would invest 5 million euros annually in insulation, mobility or renewable energy. This bank will finance the tax on more than 2 million euros. However, the party refuses to impose a tax on carbon, due to its antisocial demand and to reduce the electricity VAT from 21% to 6%.

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