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8 new 8 season seasons

Pirate, cannon and treasure will be included in Fortnite Battle Royale's new season.

a volcanic eruption world condemnation Fortnite Battle Royale.

After the snow of the seventh season, it's the turn lava Thousands of risk to seize the island.

Welcome to the 8th season of the famous game free Epic Games studio. Theme: pirates and treasures.

It's here 8 important new features PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, iPhone, iPad … with free download title.

It has a volcanic eruption transformed island relief Northwest, there are two new areas waiting for you: Sunny Steps and Lazy Lagoon.

Take care of lava. Pours inflict "1 point damage per player and player bounces". Like Geyser, they themselves "Propel players and vehicles to the sky in a hot air".

Fortnite: 8 new 8 seasons
The volcano eruption led to the emergence of new areas.

Epic Games

Eminently dangerous and powerful, pirate cannon "He directed 100 points for direct firefight enemies and about 50 points in the vicinity of enemy damage in a short radius".

The braver will use it to project in the air.

"It extends the distance of the cannonball or player to the distance, the balls and players can cross the number of objects before causing damage and preventing prosecution against the surrounding players".

Fortnite: 8 new 8 seasons
The cannon is a double sword that is used to break into the air and opponents.

Epic Games

At the end of a season, the beginning of another is also a whole series of objects that follow the path.

Season 8 locked on:

– Silent man

– Freeze-grenade

– X-4 Aquilon plane

– Supermarket trolley

– All-terrain buggy

Fortnite: 8 new 8 seasons
The X-4 Aquilon aircraft is no longer available in Fortnite's 8th season.

Epic Games

Those who love knock His enemy will be disappointed with high-level rifles.

Game developers to reduce In this 8 season, the possibility of finding this weapon:

– The reduction of opportunities for a huge gigantic attack from 16.17% to 10.91%.

– Reductions in opportunities for a huge giant attack between 7.02% and 3.52%.

– Reduced options from 1.82% to 1.13% for a legendary giant attack.

Motivated and regularly logged in to make decisions, it includes traditional Battle Pass "100 levels, more than 100 unpublished prizes".

"All those who complete Ultimate Challenge 13 Free Challenges can receive a free 8 Combat Pass."

Top go ahead It will pay 950 V (virtual game currency), approximately € 10.

Among the 100 new cosmetics included in Season of Combat Pass, Peely makes feeling.

Peely Banana is a name given to the mask of the skin shape.

Fortnite: 8 new 8 seasons
Peely costume may be a success on the 8th of the season.

Epic Games

You are fighting to deal with it challenge? Now you can use group support.

"Before a game, you can activate the daily or weekly challenge team with the help of team members. You can join a team in a challenge."

The evolution is completely surrealistic. Today, it's "daber" for 12 hours, without stopping the "living room", instead of 11, if you take Infinite Dab.

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