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A thirty year old car gets caught and dies soon

This long Easter weekend is totally tragic on the roads of Carolos. A young man of the fifties was unfortunately killed that night at Chaussée Fernand de Liège.

According to the information, still part of a man, when a car was hit by a man. As a result of the coup, it would have been like part of the glass show that would have passed through the windscreen.


Bizimodotoa has confirmed that the common young man lived. Apparently it was Jumeten. No one else was hurt.

Firefighters took the scene to take responsibility for the victim. With the help of paramedics, they tried to revive without success. "They could not do anything, it was already too late," confirmed Jean-Marc Nerinckx, a spokesman for Eastern Rescue in Hainaut. Despite the speed of the process, it almost immediately died after a bleeding.

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Honoré & Descamps funeral directors will conduct funerals.

We send our deepest condolences to our family and friends.

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