Saturday , July 2 2022

Affair, the infamous robot who fired in the two [VIDÉO]



The clever intelligences are getting worse. Pleines of promesses, they are still new to you. The price with Affetto, the infante robot pas si mignon.

Affair, which is the small name of the South Eroth of the University of Osaka since 2011. Verified tour of technological force, fascinated (made you wear the poils) thanks to the realism of your facial animations. Joie, sadness, lol, mougo dégoûtée et autres rictus … the palette of ses émotions is effett bluffante. The price in images:

Imitation (presque) parfaite

After 7 years, the Japanese team has redoubled efforts to give the best possible amount of money. « Last new jobs allow us to control it more efficiently, the movements have been designed to introduce from contrasted expressions, as well as the sourire or easy to use, Recently, I explained, rapporteur, Clubic. Pour parvenir à ce result, the chercheurs where I analyzed no less than 116 areas of notre visage, du nez à la bouche passing through the yeux et même la langue qui particulièrement bien reproduite. Prochaine era? Offert Afford a corps all together.

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