Saturday , February 4 2023

After "Dancing with the Stars," Terence Telle Shy falls in love



Terence has a pleasant memories of the participation of the show "Stars dances". In addition to gorgeous meetings, one of the members of the Terence jury approached Shy & # 39; m.

Sexy Terence Telle left her adventure "Dance Stars" On Saturday, after the semifinal. But he does not want to cut bridges with his dancer Fauve Hautot, and definitely Shy & # 39; m does not mean that he plays a lot. He also links strong ties to two young women. Throughout the training, he made a great deal of complicity with his dancer, who was close friends.

According to our colleagues from Télé Loisirs, they are eliminated from competition "The dance of the stars" On Saturday, November 24, French model Fauve Hautot, his partner, fell from the mouth of a beautiful Shy singer. He loved him in love, because he loved him so much. "Shy's the girl is very charming, I found her funny and clear, so obviously, I like a lot of people, including myself." He is very sure of himself, indicating that the manikin moves to several points. "We have many things in common. And during a" bonus ", I was committed to the fact that my performance put hearts in his eyes and everything was packed."

That's why Shy & # 39; m did not know what he wanted: "I hope we will keep going because we are dealing with extraordinary people." AThe latest news, after Benoît Pair's break, Shy was in love with the niece of Lio's niece. T. Now Terence Telle must pay the price of love for the patient.

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