Monday , July 4 2022

Auto-availability – An active version of Ford Focus Clipper Real Estate


Ford introduces the active version of Focus Clipper

The blue Obaba manufacturer presents an active version of Ford Focus Clipper. This version includes the station's wagon capability, a compact trunk and a height of 30 mm in height.

As an American sedan, Ford launches an active version of Focus Clipper. This version is known to give a small coaching capability to the franchise, and the Ford cross has a height of 30 mm in front and 34 mm in the rear. The active Focus Clipper also has 17-inch or 18-inch wheels optional.

Ford Focus Clipper Active offers a driver's "Trail" driving style for road and slip mode for sliding terrain. The "Normal", "Eco" and "Sports" stations already exist are still available. Beneath the exterior, cars: 1,0 l and 1,5 l Ecoboost 125 hp and 150 hp petrol, 1,5 l and 2,0 l Ecoblue diesel, 120 hp and 150 hp.

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