Friday , July 1 2022

Beauvechain: Carole Ghiot, serving the welfare of the population


Walloon Brabant

Marc Dekoninck succeeded Beauvechain as the next.

After ten years, Carole Ghiot obtained Marc Deconinck as mayor of Beauvechain.

Who are you Carole Ghiot?

"Unlike the predecessor of the community, I'm not from Beauvechain, but in the Liège region, Visé came in 1999. I was a ITP professor at the Northern High Court, Etienne, I think that I am an open, dynamic and prepared person, people passionate, lover of life, friends and family, I have three children, 32, 29 and 24 years old, I love the year-old girl. "

What are your hobbies?

"I am part of the Franks storytelling team and I will be on stage on this stage, although I work as a mayor. I am very busy, I enjoy free time dedicated to my family. My friends enjoy simple relaxation: a walk, a good restaurant and my helping my son in football. "

Is your favorite holiday spot?

"I love going with my family, we tend to go to Chamonix, summer or winter, I'm not a great skier, but I love après-ski ambitions! I want to go to Paris to see who is my grandson and my son at the weekend.

What will your style do for Burgos?

"I plan to work in a collegial way, each man has his or her responsibilities and will work independently. It's a 25-year experience, Marc Dekoninck has a lot of knowledge about his files, which has made less people I will approach and call Carole I've … "

You are among the Walloon brabant women bourgmasters …

"It's true, but I'm very proud of it, I have never had a difficulty in being a woman in politics, I have not come here to meet a fee, a burgomasters have a more practical understanding, which can be achieved at this point, and I have a lot of luck. It is a very important and even more feminine gesture and solidarity, "he said.

Why appeared in the provinces and did not sit down?

"I accept the proposal by Mathieu Michel, because they are an important partner of the provinces, they gave me the opportunity to create contacts and to be well informed about the project calls. I really thought that I was able to sit down as a teacher, I was an official province, there was conflicting interest and thought I wanted to be a bourgmestre to break the route, it would be possible, but it would not be possible. It's not enough. "


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