Monday , November 29 2021

Belgium’s hopes were dashed in Bosnia and they will probably say goodbye to the Euro, all football


In two meetings, in Moldova and Bosnia, Espoir threw his arm out of the window with the title outstretched.

There are failures that grow on you, others that make you want to hide in the middle of the earth. Let’s not lie, this Tuesday afternoon Diablotinena, who are on the Bosnian field, will be placed in the second category.

Mathijssen’s boys played for 7 minutes, which is up to the opening goal. Without saying anything about this action. Charles De Ketelaere’s dribbling and assisting should be seen in every school, and De smet’s initial score is full of malice.

Then? Curtain! The midfielders have started marching and losing duels, the attackers have been invisible and the three-man defense made up of Faes, Bornauw and Touba will claim the title of the tragicomic show of the year.

Bornauw, who has little to do with the business he already does with the demons, does it again and throws it away like a child in Savic’s draw. Two minutes later, Faes lost the ball in a shot and managed to overtake Resic Bornauw before finding Bodart’s skull. It is 2-1 at the break, we are waiting for the uprising.

In fact, we’re still waiting for that, because Bodart is still there to keep his team alive, and his Bosnian counterpart has almost nothing to do with it. What happened was that Kovas scored the third goal against Battle (3-1). The overall level of this meeting was a disaster for Imps as they reduced the lead in the final seconds to the opening of the Openda in the final seconds (3-2).

As of this writing, no one is sure if Imps can still qualify, it will depend on the jobs in the afternoon. Waiting for the Lord, go home if you can with your head bowed.

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