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Boeing 737 MAX: United States company bill salty


More than a month after Boeing 737 MAX shut down, it's time for the first assessment of American Airlines and Southwest: large customers of this aircraft have had to cancel thousands of flights, reorder services and profitability. endured

The bill is salty and should, at best, be $ 350 million this year by American Airlines, whose downward economic downturn on Friday had to push 2019.

"Our short-term outlook is due to the 737 MAX fleet base, which had to be removed from the flight schedule until August 19," Doug Parker CEO said.

American Airlines, however, confirmed Boeing's support, excluding the idea of ​​replacing 737 MAX with Airbus.

It also happens in the southwest, with 34 units operating and this year we expect another 41 units.

Leaders of the airline say that the airline's A220 flight with a minimum of 727 MAX with Airbus went to Europe for the last time "MAXA" was delayed.

"We want to conclude this visit to move from Boeing and MAX (Airbus and A220) is not true," said Gary Kelly, CEO of the report, on Thursday. . "We plan to increase our fleet with MAX."

Oscar Munoz, unlike the general manager of the United Airlines, MM. Parker and Kelly do not hide their frustration with Boeing.

"We are not happy with the situation, who would it be?" Gary Kelly smoked. "Of course, we are happy and no one is happy," Doug Parker said.

The seriousness of the passengers

The civil aviation authorities around the world created a 737 MAX fleet in mid-March, after 737 MAX 8 of this aircraft, operated by Ethiopian Airlines on the 10th of March in Southeastern. Addis Ababa, who killed 157 people.

The Lion Air killed 189 people after his death.

The anti-aircraft jump aircraft, MCAS, involved two tragedies.

Boeing is currently updating this software, before it can bring the theft prohibited.

American Airlines had to expose 24,737 MAX for flights to 1,200 flights in the first quarter, costing 50 million dollars and scheduling all flights scheduled for August 19 or up to 115 days.

Southwest has abolished more than 10,000 flights in the first quarter – caused by attacks on September 11 in the third quarter of 2001 – for 737 MAX, but also for social attacks and storms. In some parts of the United States.

As a result, net profit fell by 16%, which was 387 million dollars.

The transport provider also canceled all scheduled flights to 34,737 MAX until August 5.

Beyond the financial worries, the two companies will find other inconveniences.

American Airlines has had to find 700,000 passenger seats with MAX and change the hours of last-minute crew.

"Our reservations and customer relations teams make a complete watch and force them to spend extra hours in response to passenger needs," said Doug Parker.

"Concurrently, calls for cancellations or delays, changes to devices, changes in routes, calls to our call centers, logistics costs, and immobilization are MAX 737," lamented Michael Van de Ven, Southwest 2.

More serious, the seriousness of the airport passengers, in front of Mr. Van de Ven.

In the southwest, 737 MAX foresees a dissatisfaction with the moment, a customer satisfaction survey has begun and marketing is being done to make people feel more vulnerable to the safety of the aircraft.

Boeing should eliminate this whiteboard, estimated by many experts, for a compensation of one million dollars for damaged companies.

"These are the things we will discuss privately with Boeing," says Gary Kelly.

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