Thursday , June 24 2021

Brussels: low emission zone 230 crimes

Nearly 230 emission were emitted by low-energy low-noise emission vehicles in Brussels. The effects of this will be extended until January 1. In four months, the number of crimes would be reduced by 85%.

P230 people were violated in low emission areas in Brussels. For this reason, Brussels has been sent to Brussels in Brussels by the data collected in Brussels, by the two administrative authorities of the LCCE.

From October 1 to October 31, an average of 286,000 vehicles (cars and vans) were updated at least once by LEZ cameras; The 228 fines were introduced to the regional territory with self-explanatory and unpowered vehicles. Free amount: 350 euros. 40% of buffers live in Brussels and the remaining 60% are Belgium's vehicles.

Penalties Reduction?

Emissions low-level messages seem to be in mind: the first days after the introduction of new supplies, 240 days were found on the day of the attack, the number of 40 days per month was completed. October. Once again: three quarters of these crimes make "recurring premiums" and do not receive a second payment, when they can not be imposed for more than one quarter.

At the same time, 953 exceptions were requested (especially for ancestors), as well as 68 passages to make a payment of 35 euros to circulate in Brussels one day.

Regarding foreign vehicles, the corresponding services registered 42,500 online enrollments; Dutch, French and German cars. Reminder: Penalty for a penalty of 150 euros is not recorded. The Brussels authorities must sign an agreement with France and the Netherlands at the end of the year to cancel the registration of vehicles from France and the Netherlands.

Strengthening criteria

The collection of data on the Tax on Brussels seems to continue to show that the thieves are in the process of entering the stage of LEZ. Next year, a new zone will include Euro 2 diesel vehicles and petrol vehicles banning Euro Standard and Euro 1 standards.

Until the end of the year, current provisions correspond to 2,300 Brussels and 805 non-Brussels vehicles. From January, 17,056 Brussels vehicles and 8,772 non-Brussels residents will be banned from staying in Brussels. The automobile float will probably be renewed slowly. Owners of the prohibition of new vehicles will have a three-month transition period to find an alternative solution. During this period, the drivers that circulate around the criteria and the LEZ will not be fined, but there will be only one warning.

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