Wednesday , July 6 2022

Burning before birth increases the risk of respiratory illness


Passive burning during pregnancy, including the uterus, increases the risk of contracting a COPD (obstructive bronchial pneumonia of obstructive pulmonary disease) a few years later, warning specialist respiratory systems.

"a child the victim of the victim passive smoking The risk of breathing capacityto maturity", they have warned in a statement expressed in some institutions.

"Until recently, it was not thought BGBK Mature adults We now know that the disease can find roots in childhood"says Professor Ralph Epaud, head of the Rare Surge Disease Center and Head of the Paediatrics Department at the Creteil Intercom Hospital Center.

Disparities exist accordingly gendersays the statement, citing several studies: "a woman the disease will harm tobacco during exposure periodically pre-mine, Meanwhile man In the case of an exhibition, it will be weaker born after".

Passive pregnancy, severe asthma in childhood, and respiratory infections are also risk factors for COPD development.

"These questions are" at risk "for children's follow-up, according to Professor Epaud.

"Most people control a radar after a certain age, until many years later appear, About 40 or 50 years, in some significant injuries that may occur predicted"adds it

COPD is a disease chronic The bronchus causes constant air cavities. Its main symptoms reduce breathing, coughing, frequent sputum.

"du ignorance COPD is one of its reasons often late diagnosis, indicate the statement accordinglyDiagnosing COPD is important if there are therapeutic solutions": quitting smoking, inhaled treatments or"breathing rehabilitation", that is, full attention to the training of a trainee.

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