Monday , November 29 2021

Capcom was hit by a hacker attack that endangered the personal data of thousands of users


securityResident Evil’s main company suffered a ransomware attack in early November that could have endangered the personal data of about 350,000 users between Japan and North America, but the source code also includes stolen information. and a roadmap for upcoming games. The company, through a message on its website, shut down its systems on November 2 and opened an investigation, confirming that it was the victim of an attack that destroyed and encrypted data. an organization requesting the rescue on servers. There are names of stolen information, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, passport information. Capcom said it has been informed by nine former and current employees that the fate of most users and business partners is unknown. The good thing about this story is that the dangerous data does not include credit card data. The company continues its research to try to put an end to this parenthesis. Among the information leaked is the release date of Resident Evil 8 Village: April 2021.
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