Wednesday , December 8 2021

Demain’s move denounces “chip jump” flights


The eco-socialist movement denounces the robberies committed on Monday “short hop“Made between Maastricht, the Netherlands, and Liege. According to the collective, these are locating flights”Those that are not included in the list of landings at Liege airport“Judgmental situation.”embarrassing“.

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The move states that Astral Aviation currently operates two Maastricht-Liège flights a week with a Boeing 744. “These low-altitude flights (the last two on 12 and 15 November) fly over the municipalities of the Liège metropolitan area (Juprelle, Ans and Awans) and surround the city of Liège (Rocourt), affecting heavily populated areas.“, states in a press release tomorrow.

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The collective requires public and long-term access to the list of all flights, including location and maintenance work. He also wants the Walloon region “take a clear stance“against this type of flight, it invites airports to refuse and”actively promote“ban at European level.

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