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Dengue: In four days Roche Bois identified 29 cases


As for the spread of dengue fever, there is a disturbing situation in Mauritius. We dengue four days in four days in Roche Bois. In some cases after registering at the Priests Valley, Cure City and Green Plain. Another case has recently been listed in Residence La Cure.

"Dengue 29 cases of care and medical follow-up were hospitalized, some of which have already been returned home. The Ministry of Health's communications officer said Jameer Yeadally in a note on Inside News on Saturday (April 27). With regard to the risk of spreading across the country, he admitted: "Citizens and citizens are called upon to assume their responsibilities, as well as taking basic measures, not focusing on risk areas."

Regarding the state of Roche Boise, a part of the region must be emphasized through dengue cooking. Of the 29 cases identified, 25 are located in a single region of this region of the capital.

As a result, the Ministry of Health and the Quality of Life Life are urgently needed for the population. A high-ranking official says the hospitalization is not necessary so people do not need to poison their cases.

Jameer Yeadally recalls that a protocol has been implemented at the Ministry of Health. "Awareness campaign has been launched since last week, the campaign has taken into account preventative measures, the need to protect oneself, with the help of mosquitoes, to use incense sticks"he said. At the same time, Jameer Yeadally emphasized the operation that cleans the start of the prevention campaign, along with the Port Louis City Council and the Ministry of the Environment, as well as the fumigation exercises.

Since the arrival of Mauricio Denguan on February 26, 107 cases have been recorded.

Dengue: In four days Roche Bois identified 29 cases

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