Wednesday , February 1 2023

Dolce & Gabbana dressed in winter in China


Italian brand is in the midst of a mammoth polemic of social networks after images and statements are racist. Shanghai canceled the show.

Dolce & Gabbana took a few hours to measure the power of social networks in China. The Italian luxury brand has canceled a Shanghango fashion show on Wednesday night following a huge blame for social networks.

After the release of two videos that promote discourse with the Dolce & Gabbana Instagram account, there was a debate. We see a young Chinese woman wearing long red dresses and long evening dresses trying to eat pizza or cinnamon chops. While traditional Chinese music is in the background, a male voice asks: "What's great for you?"

These videos were damaged by Internet users and generated hundreds of millions of comments on the Weibo platform for a couple of hours, where two videos were the main topic of discussion. After drawing the stylish designer Stefano Gabbana, "Ignorante and Stinky Chinese Mafia" talked about the conversation in Instagram, and the Chinese "country's" shit.

Race of racism and boycott call

The filmmaker Zhang Ziyi, the star of the movie "Geisha de Memoirs", criticized the Italian label immediately after a few hours later, to the participation of several stars and models in the parade. "I love my country" wrote the well-known actress, Li Bingbing, her 42 million subscribers in Weibo. In the social networks, the brand was found to be rapidly accused of racism and the boycott's calls began to flourish.

"We feel the impact and harm caused by the dismissal caused by Chinese and Chinese people, only we respect China and the Chinese people," Stefano Gabbana's Instagram account reacted with Weibo and Twitter to Italian fashion. "No me", the last one was finished writing, while the big letters in the letters criminalized the image of revolutionary frauds.

This Thursday, the controversy was still alive. The hashtag # DolceGabbana had 1.78 million viewers in Weibo. "Outside the market", it could be read several times on the Internet. "Foreign companies that are trading in China are in need of respect for China and China," said the Youth League of Communists. This controversy is a long series, and foreign companies transmit messages that are inadequate or bad in China.

Fred Schaeffer

Beijing correspondent

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