Monday , July 4 2022

Emily Ratajkowski: "I have demonstrated on the street and people remember that I did not have it".



Emily Ratajkowski was arrested for a day on the streets of Washington to fight against Brett Kavanaugh. Although he did not regret expressing his opinion, he recalled the comments he received.

Emily Ratajkowski has been named Brett Kavanaugh against the Supreme Court, protesting in October. The latter were arrested on another star of Amy Schumer. At that time, the manikin made a strong gesture that men and women did not want to appoint a man-man for them. However, as he has explained today, he was surprised to have liked his opinions, apparently judging.

"I expected people to show my opinion. Of course it was controversial, but he knew it was important. But I never imagined why so many people did not get my clothes in my ear. He had 32 degrees, I was jeans on the street. My clothes seemed to me quite normal. I was showing a political decision. Why were people dressed?"She asks Stellar magazine.

The young woman unfortunately finds people in these details, as regards the problem, and reminds her that she has the right to dress herself!

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