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Emmanuelle Praetis silences the silence: "RTL used me as a puppet"


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RTL and columnist, finished. Emmanuelle Praet gave an interview Last time.

In the wardrobe style and makeup system, jeans and sneakers came to Emmanuel Praet's conversation after diminishing RTL TVI's decision.

When the channel was notified at the beginning of Tuesday, collaboration between collaborators was completed It's not every day on Sunday on TV andWe redo the world on the radio.

"He does not live together with Emmanuelle", The song gives the journalist directly, as usual. He does not regret the comments made on his last Sunday.

That day, leaving Georgin Avenue in studio, Emmanuelle Praet imagined the rest. "One speaker voted for me saying: "Good talk!" They told me the yellow vest was waiting for the exit, and so my vehicle was buried. so I do not see them. In the meantime, I met colleagues, including Pascal Vrebos. Nobody told you anything. On the contrary, I told him I spoke very well. At 15:00 p.m., I get a voice message from Georges Huercano, the management sent a press release. I remind you that I think that the bottom line of my thinking is always the same, but, as usual, I had to be very brief in a short time because I asked for a short time in the air."

Emmanuelle Praet is also convinced that if he represented the word Nolan Ecolo, he would still be in the air.

Thanks to this refugee, Emmanuelle Praet decides to cut himself out of his best friend and decide on the media and social networks.

"This gave me the opportunity to think what I wanted and what I did not accept. I have been a RTL puppet for nearly ten years. I asked him what else I could discuss to express my ideas. I worked hard this Sunday. I have always prepared my discussions on Saturday and Sunday morning.

"I did not vote. I invited people to think ahead of the elections, it's completely different. I voted for self-government. I do not care who everyone throws. I only had an intellectual reflection. I do not understand what I said wrongly, but my employer has a free choice to interpret it differently."

And the columnist's fundamental legal reporter does not have a neutral journalist. "I do not think this is a debate about press freedom, but rather of freedom of expression. And all the people that save this freedom of thanks, that is, is not expensive RTL, because they've crossed the line online. "

Emmanuelle Praet also reminds RTL that she has been looking for a lawyer for several years (at Descent). "They used me like a puppet and I no longer wanted that role. I have even given journalist ideas, series!"

What he says is not in vain, the chronicler says it is difficult to pass every Sunday, the ball in the stomach. "On the radio, the place really left the debate. We've reloaded the world & # 39;, the atmosphere was completely different. On Sunday, I always had something to say wrong and to be afraid of success. I gave him less and less words. It turned out to be impossible. But I did not have a chance. I'm the only woman with two children."

Unintentionally play "Cosette", Emmanuelle Praet also admits that she was unemployed last year. "I did not have a friend at RTL, but I did not look for them. I did not do that. I am very sensitive and I thank you on Sunday. "

Theo Francken admits that she only met in the television series.

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