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Extinct tropical diseases: patients with 360 hydrocele admission

Among the special cases of tropical diseases such as lymphatic filariasis and hydrocele cases, the Ministry of Health organizes a hydrocele case management surgery campaign with the support of the West African Health Organization (WAHO) and the World Bank. The presentation ceremony took place on Tuesday, November 20, 2018, at the Ouahigouya University Hospital Hospital.

The Ministry of Health has ruled out its tropical preferences among its priorities. Lymphatic filariasis, its chronic manifestations through lymphedema and hydronium, are the main cause of the second permanent disability in the world. In order to launch a sub-regional project against the malaria and the negligent illnesses, Dori, Fada N & # 39; Gourma and Ouahigouya patients will have hydrocele surgery camps.

Restoration of the dignity of stigmatized patients

An hydrocele, one must remember, the accumulation of fluid in the "pocket" around the testicle. This hydrocele has a greater volume in the purse. A sick person is a maladaptive or infectious disease, so the need for intervention is to have a normal stock market volume.

The Director of Public Health Protection, Dr. Lionel Wilfrid Ouedraogo, aims to help eliminate the lymphatic filariasis, as well as recover the taste of the lives of poor people. stigma It also aims to improve social and family relationships and become more productive in society.

During the opening ceremony of Hydrocele Surgery, the deputy mayor of Ouahigouya, Djénéba Sodré, said that, without promotion of health, there is no possible development, which is why it is a positive appreciation of the organization of its camps, which will help the patient to cure and heal.

Yatenga High Commissioner Séni Kabou, a representative of the northern regional governor, admitted Mali and Niger's surgeons to share experiences and experiences with Burkinabe colleagues. The Governor's emissary, on behalf of the great authorities of Burkina Faso, thanked all WAHO members and partners in our country for an abandoned tropical disease that is an integral part of global goals.

Hydrocele surgery, healing activity

Dr. Tiébely Aly, Urology surgeons operations, will perform 360 hydration cases, including 120 in the North. The intervention occurs in the context of an outpatient surgical hospitalization and an incision is made on the stock exchange, removing liquid or frowning bag, depending on anomalies.

Experienced team of experts will be ready to prepare for their humanitarian mission, to recover their health, and promote their social reintegration.[ Cliquez ici pour lire l’intégralité ]


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