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Facebook pays teenagers to spy on them


Do you invest your privacy in your hands?

Warning or not, many Facebook users between 13 and 35 have saved their souls from the devil since 2016, if we have caricaturized the results of a survey (rarely) The US news website, Mark Zuckerberg, has thousands of data for thousands of "admitted" types, with € 17 per month.

The network's giant society has made this collection of data in the Facebook Research application for the VPN to conduct a study of the data for everyone. But be careful, this "data analysis" is almost unlimited. Depending on the interviewed data security experts, "
If Facebook makes full use of the potential access provided by the installed certificate, it will allow the company to constantly retrieve messages, pictures, videos, emails, online searches and user locations. ."In other words, the application will have all the digital data of people who have received a verification of 17 euros a month, whether they are 13 or 35 years old."
It's not easy to understand the knowledge of Facebook's theme", the expert continues.

Since TechCrunch's research has been revealed, the iOS operating system has eliminated the application because it violates the rules set by the registered developer of the App Store. Since June, developers no longer have the right to collect the necessary data in order to be able to operate properly. In addition, Facebook Research will continue running Android.

Facebook replied to the US media, saying "
nothing secreted. ""
We have literally called Facebook Research App. It's not spying. All those who download the application have granted and paid for it. Only 5% of people who wanted to take part were teenagers"a spokeswoman says.

VPN reminds the debate that reminds Onavo Protect, similar to its users, purchased in Facebook in 2014 and removed from the App Store in the summer of 2018. At the same time, Cambridge Scandal Analytics also asked about the use of data. The scandals in series that increase the popularity of the media among teens, which are becoming part of other social networks, Snapchat, Instagram (also owned by Facebook, What's the App).

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