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From scientifiques parviennent to transform CO2 into carbon


From chercheurs of the University of Melbourne there is no reason to retransform the CO2 in solid carbon. In this way, you can reduce the emission of CO2 by redoubting a solid gas form.

From Australian scientists, where he used a liquid electrolyte process to convert CO2 into solid carbon particles. The extension that reads technology offers a solution for eliminating CO2 from the atmospheric "sans et permanente" mode. Le CO2, also in large numbers for the activités humaines, peut facilement être stocké dans le sol une fois solidifié.

«Nous ne pouvons pas remontre le temps. But to convert carbon dioxide to him in carbon before the burial ground in the sun, I'm reminded by the time of productions, "souligne le chercheur Torben Daeneke.

Drive ahead to capture CO2

The great forward is that I get this possible even at ambient temperature. «Oddly enough, CO2 would only be converted into particulate solids solely from temperatures that were extrÃmically elevated. That was the system that was industrially non-viable, expensive cars, "notes Torben Daeneke. You've searched for encore être menées. This evolution is one of the most reliable versions of CO2 captage techniques.

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