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Gare du Nord: De Lijn anticipated a return to normal on Friday

The transport company in commun avait decided the last week that the bus was getting longer in the sous-sol of the Gare du Nord in raison d'une nuisances.

Everything is fine, who is fine? The flagship company of transportation in commun, which annulled unilaterally the last week that it delivered more the buses, would place it on the sous-sol of the Gare du Nord, so much so that the "insecurity" and "misappropriation" problems were found south Place ne being not English, it seems final in the point of doing it sometimes. Pour rappel, from Monday, the De Lijn bus starting at the Gare du Nord is taking extra fees for users who do not want to place place Rogier et rue du Progrès, I'm only a few hundred meters from the gare.

After learned successors of well-known Sorbonne, the representatives of De Lijn auraient I could understand in the course of discussions with the Region that a return to the normal I was envisaged «For Friday »

Pour el heure, the company publishes flamande reste plus prudent, sans pour autant démentir the perspective of a return plus or imminent imminent à la situation antérieure. «At what stage, I have to confirm that the discussions with the Region were constructive,» Nuevos explica un porte-parole de De Lijn. "But if you change your mind, then it will not be long before you, unless you take the users to scare. »

The engagements taken by the Région afin de faire changer De Lijn d'avis restant également disconnected à ce stade.

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