Monday , June 21 2021

Hamilton: Will Smith "completely changed" my previous race race

Smithe was invited to the Mercadona this weekend and, thanks to his heart, he recorded an engraved video with an American actress, Hamilton. In the end, the garage went on its own with the combination and the British helmet.

In the real world, Hamilton has controlled the pole position, but a little bit prepares to prepare for a moment. "It was an unusual weekend yesterday that I was shooting something FIFA and Sony this morning, and this morning I made the original filmmaker Will Will. My brother is a big fan, so we made some videos and everything was literally ten minutes before. in the car ".

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"We made fun videos, I never did it, because it's a time of preparation, so I had a bit of it as I was in the race, I've changed my routine, it's usually a period of relaxation, but I had a good start and then, it was normal. "

Hamilton was successful in the 11th season of the season, winning more than one season in just one season. And far from the usual prayers of the fifth World Champion, he clearly said he was not expecting. "Perfection Just".

"That's what we want to do to work in the group, we have done a great job all year long, it's a great privilege to work with these guys and make them happy at the end of the year. I'm happy to finish. [Vettel] He was very well-dressed in the race, he made great tricks and the wind became so tricky, but I think all of us were the same. "

Hamilton finished his atypical weekend with a triumphal victory of the podium, after removing the top of the club. He said that he showed his tattoo of the famous motto "I Still Rise", which can be translated as "However, a rise". "It was not as I imagined"Later he confessed.

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