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Here are the most (and least) attractive Belgian professions

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How would you recommend this profession with your children or your friends? This question was asked by Randstad in 2011 and has currently surveyed 3570. The HR specialist has completed a list of attractive Belgian occupations. "The question is important because we look for jobs first and only for the company", Jan Denys, corporate communication and public affairs that rank the most attractive companies every year in Randstad's note.

1. New jobs have not been broken

The engineer remains the most attractive profession. "Traditional traditions continue to dominate the list. The newly introduced businesses in the list (2011 112 in 2011 112) did not break, except software engineer"Jan Denys says. "Professionals in the 50s are very proficient. If you have more than 40, you need a university degree (master's or master's).. "

2. Ads are not seduced

Among the less attractive occupations, there are several mobile trades: taxi driver, bus driver … "Fear of the future can be attributed to Car or Uber development. In non-professional occupations, there is no future in the future"Jan Denys says, they are also male trades.

3. Salary, first criterion

What works is attractive or not over all wages? More than 7 people surveyed are placed under the main criteria of attractiveness. Continue working life, good working conditions, occupational safety and variety. "But an attractive profession is not the best results of the main criteria", Notes Jan Denys. "All are weak points, but surprisingly, in particular, the classification is not a good standard of living, the best place is the 17th year of the teacher, the surgeon is in 108. On the contrary, the most attractive occupations are classified better for this criterion. Public or administrative case."According to the criteria, if we look at the most attractive occupations, the notary is the wages and working conditions, a livelier social worker, a variety journalist and astronaut.

4. Women are more veterinarians

Professional engineering is very attractive for men, over 40, senior graduates and masters degrees; The women and the 18-40 veterinarian's profession will be attracted. "The most significant deviations are expressed according to degree level"Jan Denys said the survey had the greatest differences between men and women in occupations, who first appreciate astronomers, consultants, data analysts, captain and welding trades, who want to be a dietitian, assistant director, midwife, animal keeper and stylist.

5. The reporter has dropped dramatically

It is one of the polls of the poll: the journalist's job is the biggest decline, from 2011 35th to 2011 and 72th in 2019. "We have no explanation, especially the media continue to be the most attractive second sector in a survey on our company's attractiveness.", Jan Denys has released some tracks: jobs, fake news, …? On the other hand, the patron saint's profession is one of the strongest growths, from 72 to 31. "Geriatric guardians or kindergartens are also attractive"Jan Denys asks.

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