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Here are the most (and least) attractive Belgian professions


Professionengineer It is still the most attractive of Belgium, according to a study by more than 3,500 respondents from Randstad and presented on Thursday.

On the other hand, a few would advise their children taxi driver. The objective of the study is to classify 129 professional qualities, especially the most common professions according to the FPS Economy of 2017 figures, creating new functions (especially in ICT and creativity).

In order to measure overall efficiency, the questions answered the question "How would you recommend this occupation to your children or your friends?" There are several criteria that should be mentioned, such as salary, work life, working conditions, challenges or a variety of jobs.

As in 2011, the engineering profession is still the most attractive one, although not one of the criteria in the first place. Those of you Pharmacist and doctor to complete the podium Scale at the other end: taxi driver, Call Center Assistant and goalkeeper close the march

The most important criteria to check the attractiveness of the profession are, first of all, the salaries, the balance of work life and, finally, the good working conditions, it seems to be the second criterion. less weighs on events. In fact, the most attractive occupations are less than the jobs that make the minimum dreams come true.

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