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Huawei P30 Lite Test: Family Looks

After launching P30 and P30 Pro, Huawei markets P30 Lite in France. As the name implies, it's just a lighter version of its older siblings and a P30 entry point in the family. This announcement is just a surprise, the P10 and P20 sections are also entitled to a lighter statement. And we can say that at least Lite series is successful.

According to the GfK Marketing Studies, P20 Lite was the biggest selling smart phone in all French channels (operators, specialized stores and Internet) in 2018. In the spring of 2019, it's still a list of smartphones sold. It's not bad for a year old (the eternal world of new technologies).

He said he was expecting his heir was euphemistic. Does the P30 Lite match its former reputation? To find out, there was nothing worth trying that old! But before entering the theme gauge, let's determine the P30 Lite French version and not the Chinese or Canadian version. This year, Huawei provides affiliate subsidiaries with some flexibility in their configurations, especially in the case of work memory and integrated storage.

Price and release date

P30 Lite is currently available in France for a subscription of € 369. If it continues the same path as its predecessor, it would be immediately due to the subscription committed to the discount price. Note that the price for the startup is the same as the P20 Lite, but it has more memory and more powerful cameras.

Technical datasheet

Huawei P30 Lite
dimensional72.7 x 152.9 x 7.4 mm
weight159 g
Screen6.15 "LCD IPS
definition1080 x 2312 pixels, 19.3: 9
Fingerprint sensoryes
SoCHiSilicon Kirin 710 (12 nm)
Internal memory128 GB
microSDyes, up to 512 GB
Dual simyes
Main photo sensorTriple:
– 48 MP, f /, 8, 27mm
– 8MP, f / 2.4, 17 nm
– 2 MP, f / 2.4
Secondary photo sensor24 MP f / 2
Optical zoomno, zoom 2x "loss"
OSEMUI 9.1 + Android 9.0 Pie
connectivityWi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / a, Bluetooth 4.2
Infrared portyes
battery3340 mAh
Fast chargeYes, 18W USB-C charger
Wireless chargingno
Reverse wireless chargingno
colorblack piano, white pearl and blue peacock

Design: very successful

It covers most aesthetic codes of the two members of the P30 Lite family. On the back, a blue gradient of light is known as Twightlight. In France we can also choose black piano or black pearl, as well as the most beautiful effect. Whatever the color, they all reluctantly keep powders or fingerprints, because it forces the Maniace user often or supplies a shell. Low prices demand that the finger reader move to the back. With a triple picture module exceeding a few millimeters and with a single-tone LED flash, we will return later.

The P30 Lite is about 4 mm longer than the dimensions of the P30.
On the right side there are three mechanical keys (volume control and on); The nanoSIM + microSD drawer is on the top face of the USB-C port and the audio jack on the opposite side. It should be pointed out that Huawei is not an NM card and an old audio connector. Asked about this, the manufacturer needs the P30 Lite version to adapt these devices to P30 and P30 Pro. Sorry about that P30 Lite does not have special protection for water and dust.

Screen: surely highlights

Series Lite demands the Huawei P30 PLEEN screen trade against the LCD. 6.15 & # 39; & # 39; It has a diagonal display of 2312 x 1080 pixels and covers 84% ​​of the front. IIt generates a very well-known image, especially after the settings. And again: this is really necessary for conditions of colorimetric fidelity (of which we are).

The rest will have no problem with the hair shades that make the eyes look more beautiful for the eye.

Whether it's playing, watching videos or re-creating a picture, the surface of the big screen is noticeably noticeable. This type, dropping only reduced, quickly forgets. Actually, we do not get a contrast to an OLED screen here, the P30 Lite slab here is not to blur in competition.

Performance: correct entry level

P30 Lite has a Kirin 710 octagonal, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage (it can be extended with a micro SD card). The central range processor, associated with the correct amount of RAM, is ideal for these types of products for non-intensive uses. If you want to start a great resource like Fortnite or PUBG, you should choose between performance or graphics quality. And again, we will sometimes be visible. After all, this is not so serious, the phone continues to be homogeneous in all other uses.

Small game benchmarksP30 Lite has 131,768 points Antutu has a very high score, with Xiaomi Mi 9 SE with less than 178,891 points, one of the direct competitors. P30 Lite has confirmed the incoming, multimedia, status of users of their social networks, but they do not want to use them in recent games.

Interface: and dark?

Without a doubt, P30 Lite packs Android 9.0 as well as the version 9.0.1 of the EMUI overlay version. Note that P30 and P30 Pro have the right to have EMUI 9.1, including dark activation. Despite Huawei's justifications (" Dark mode saves the battery with an OLED screen, but not an LCD ") When we fail, we can not regret it. Beyond energy, the dark way saves the eyes of the user when it is sharpened when brightness increases. Let's hope the manufacturer decides this strange again in an update!

black theme
With a bit of a focus on Huawei's online themes, we can change the look of the interface.

In the rest, there is nothing to know about: EMUI 9.0.1 is always considered to be pleasant for most hobbies … if not modern. An interface upgrade, especially Parameter section layout would be welcome. Because it must be acknowledged, EThe old MUI is getting compared to One UI, now the interface that Samsung handsets provides. According to our sources, the new interface design is required by most affiliate regions and is currently a priority challenge for the software development team.

Fortunately, old age is not obsolete 9.0.1 and EMUI fulfill its mission with dignity. The interface reacts with fluidity and we have not encountered specific problems during our trials, even though the appearance of an interface is applied to the subject matter.

Network / wireless / GPS: average

P30 Lite Class 13 comes with 4G modem. This allows for a theoretical velocity to increase the slope between 390 Mbit / s and a 150 Mbit / s increase. We're faced with options like Remote P30 Pro. What does it matter? P30 Lite delivers full satisfaction in everyday use, as well as watch online video… if the 4G + network does not overload it. In practice, we did not encounter any particular problems in the 4G networks of Paris and Paris four national operators (the average switch between 60 and 110 Mbit / s). As is customary, these figures are given only for information and vary according to the geographic location that is very useful.

Wi-Fi connection is not a special problem, like synchronization with a very fast GPS. 4.2 There is no problem with Bluetooth connectivity, even if it was upgradeable 5.0.

Audio – Remove the supplied headphones

Without mixing with perfection The P30 Lite speaker only works well. It sounds sounds and it does not light. The bass is undoubtedly represented, but it has not been really dramatic. Likewise, P30 Lite is a friend who is a pleasant audio occasionally used. The sound generated by telephone communication is a very good bed, listening to your hands and ear.

Given the use of the supplied headset, things will go wrong. These are equipped with an audio jack, they are bad: low power sound, tight audio, no, and desperate medium plates. We've tried to improve the performance of the audio by activating Histen settings, headphone enhancement technology without convincing results.

The only way to get good sound is to use headphones or headphones to be used with another name. Fortunately, P30 Lite packs the aptX HD shaft codec, which generates good Bluetooth sound quality … if you have high-altitude audio files.

Camera: The devil is in the details

The display stays in a single camera with 24 Mpxls and an average angle lens f / 2. Produces good quality images in high and medium brightness. It is not surprising that digital noise is rapidly falling. Auto focus is maintained reasonably with your phone's location. The maximum video capture is Full HD 30p, electronic stabilization, for the correct image.

The rear camera module, equipped with three cameras, looks much more interesting, even if it's not designed with Leica, it only uses Huawei technology.QuitLikewise, it is also the RYYB sensor that shocked us at the PY Pro project: we must leave some advantages for high-end products! The main sensor has 48 Mpxls and opens a lens in f / 1.8. The second module has a 8 Mpxl sensor and an open wide angle wide angle f / 2.4. In the end, the third module and the 2 Mpxls sensor are only used to give depth two field information.


It's not surprising that the camera interface at a very unpredictable P10 camera. Only annoying details on the HiVision icon screen (Google Lens Huawei sauce). When you place your finger on the left to take a picture as a landscape, HiSense starts up. Then you must leave the image detection interface and start again, paying attention to your fingertips.

Very wide angle
Very wide angle
Wide angle
Wide angle
2x zoom
2x zoom

The quality of the images created by P30 Lite is very variable depending on the type of film you take. By default, the AI ​​is active to recognize the scene and adjust the camera settings. In this case, the images are sunny with no zoom. In Zoom x2, things get a bit worse when light blurs. It is not surprising that the use of 48 Mpxls sensors to create an image of 12 Mpxls would result in a better result. At a very wide angle, the image only weighs 8 Mpxls, the nominal resolution sensor. The image seems to be very correct, because it is not trying to be closely explored, especially in the low light.

The image processor or wide angle is a sharp image that prevents the image processor from deleting fine details in the JPEG. This is almost invisible until you look at a full-size image of a computer. Do not set up pro to get better results because it does not offer RAW capture. We're always trying to shoot 48 Mpxls Only in Pro mode, but it does not improve the level of detail. By the way, oIt would rate the presence of a stabilization.

Unless enough, the P30 Lite photo module uncovers a bit of the picture if you want to make beautiful images. You will be glad if you still share your work on social networks or print in small or medium formats. But not anymore.


With 3340 mAh batteries, P30 Lite can continue in your digital activities in your day conferences (a little less if you are in the intense use of the game or video). It will be in moderate use for less than a day, while it is appropriate during the night. In this sense, the device supplies a 18-watt supply. However, it is not compatible with the inductive load: there is little savings!

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