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Huggy's Bar, an anti-fast food burger, will be profitable in 2018


Liège's Huggy's Bar has 9 gourmet burgers. He has invested 1,100 million jobs through investing. This sign will be green for the first time this year. The three organizations will open in 2019.

Hamburger is very competitive – fast food market, gourmet burgers chains (Ellis Gourmet Burger, Be Burger, Manhattn in), etc. – Liège Huggy Bar a little detonate It's based on choice (43 burgers) and local products (The butcher's shop is in a butcher's shop in Liège). And he developed it Curtius brewery a bunch Eight beers given to their dishesIn an atmosphere that reminds Americans of "sports bars". In fact, the idea that Huggy Bar was born in the United States was born. In 2011, Thomas Mémurlin and Roberto Navarro Go on holiday, after HEC Liège studies. They find the "Gourmet" burger: real restaurants, table service, wide offer. Unlike traditional fast food. Inspired by its discoveries, in 2012, they opened the first Huggy bar in Liege, where they secured advice: Thomas at Accenture in Luxembourg and Roberto Aon in Chicago. "The concept has been prepared, learned and consolidated, says Thomas Memurlin-iBut over time, as we liked adventure, we wanted to create our own project of life, creating a concept brand ".

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A decisive person will help them: Gabriel Jean, investor adviser. "We liked our project, sold financing and advice exchanges, guided us, questioned, opened its address book and put 1.5 million on the table to finance them in their own funds. the first ten restaurants ". In addition to the help of its mentor and their savings, two employers, with the majority of the company, convinced Meusinvest and BNPP Paribas Fortis to finance them. This has opened nine restaurants: 6 in the Liège region, two in Brussels and a new Charleroi.

Problem. Meusinvest only invests in a "recovery area" and the duo has insufficient capital to obtain enough capital-600,000 euros for outside restaurants – others need to find funding sources. "We called for the Fund of Invested Employment, Thomas Memurlin details; He has placed 1,1 million euros at the loan level; This may lead to Meusinvest, where he can not go. "

Huggy Bar

  • Created by: In 2012
  • shareholders: Thomas Mémurlin and Roberto Navarro (majority), Gabriel Jean.
  • Number of restaurants: 9 (12 in 2019).
  • workers: 200 (130 FTE).
  • Revenue: Restaurant between 1.4 and 1.7 million euros.

As the name suggests, Investment JobCreated by public-owned agencies, metallurgy and technology federations, it is a private fund for social purposes: "We've been producing a lot of work since 200 (130 FTE) so far, has seduced the projects ", notes Thomas Memurlin. This injection will open Huggy Bar in three new restaurants in 2019, two Charleroi and one in Namur. Finally, there are two openings to reach 15 to 20 restaurants, no more. "We do not want to open the whole place because we want to keep track of the concept, guarantee the quality, Thomas Mettur explains; That's why we do not bet with the franchise, even if it grows faster. " Exceptionally, as happened in Sprimont, when a businessman arrives at a great location.

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The pair of entrepreneurs does not say too hurriedly. Flanders seem like natural expansion, just like in the north of France. This account can be recognized for the first time this year. Every restaurant does it Annual turnover between 1.4 and 1.8, the second being more profitable between 4 and 6 margins. What will one day attract to investors? "We have already discussed it we will see, Thomas Memurlin concluded. Today, we have fun, it's a baby and we do not give up. "

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