Saturday , February 4 2023

I missed the annulment of the manifesto, the "gilets jaunes", vowing to take the Rue de la Loi vendredi à Bruxelles



If the manifestation is annulled, a mobilization remains at the order of the day.

Do you combine with "gilets jaunes" comptera-t-on Friday in the streets of the capital? Mystère. Gary Ducran, the "gilet jaune" who had arranged a concertation with the police of Bruxelles, for the event to be held in the capital, is thrown away as much as possible, eventually annonce Monday that he was annulled. It seemed impossible to comply with the requirements of security services: a "steward" for 50 participants. "On avait sous-estimé cet aspect. On croyait that the police took charge of everybody. Where you are trying to conciliate between small groups to build a uni et solide mouvement, explains Gary Ducran. The Flandre vient de nous rejoindre. Where did you show up to your ensemble with the same resellations. "

From "posts" furious

But if the "legitimate manifestation" It is reported to a date who has not yet been fixed, this mobilization is, he, kept on the streets of the capital. The nuance? The affluence of protesters will be neither organized nor bounded, but the word of order of the rallier Bruxelles is today's latest news on the different Facebook groups (Bruxelles, Wandre, Feluy, Charleroi, La Louvière, Luxembourg …) You can add the price to the premium increase that touches the oil products you can easily drain.

The annulment officielle du cortège who had to leave the Parc du Cinquantenaire, at 1:00 p.m., in the direction of Rue de la Loi, from the "furious posts" on Facebook. "Avec toi or sans toi, where you go jusqu'au bout, warned a "gilet jaune", especially behind me. Where did you not do it, in the last minute, annuler you everywhere? "

Certains reprochent tout haut to Gary Ducran from "to hide the trick" ; others taking the celestial defense of who "veit éviter le bordel comme à Charleroi" or who a "just assayé de coordonner les choses pour […] I'm just getting in Paris ".

He intends to stop trying to control or represent the movement of "gilets jaunes": "There is no step-by-step, no step".

What "leader enabled me to speak in the name of a guy" Due to the difficult times of the school, in front of fiscal inequalities, "Face à des élus qui ne veulent rien entender", there is no: lit-on in a message that circulates on Facebook: "Chaque gilet jaune est are propre porte-parole."

There is no authorization to request to expire this card, saying: "Nous sommes le peuple et, à ce titre, rue de la Loi nous appartient: c'est vous qui en êtes locataire

(you "vous" tell you Premier Minister Charles Michel, NdlR)

Friday, today it is a "spontaneous" event in the capital, sans organisateur "officiel". Massif? "On sait qu'il i aura du monde", predicted Gary Ducran. Different Facebook groups totaling about 10,000 members of the French franc.

Agents troubles in Flanders

From Monday, the movement from "gilets jaunes" also touches Flanders. Thirty protesters will be hired on fuel prices if they meet at the hotel in the center of Genk; from other assemblies, this is evacuated to Hasselt and Herentals.

Within a week, the group of "Leg Vlaanderen plat" ("Mettez la Flandre à l'arrêt") attracted nearly 9 200 members! The initiator in this is a certain Marko Kleijn, a Dutchman resigning from the Genk.

Un personnalité pour le moins trouble, sympathizing with Vlaams Belang et mouvements d'extrême droite comme Pegida (anti-immigrant) et … Schild in Vrienden.

If you do not have any public opinions on the page Facebook, Marko Kleijn is not allowed to relay the messages of Dries Van Langenhove, the leader of the neonate groupe who was the heart of a report of the VRT et Against this instruction you will hear about the parquet of Gand. In Flanders, extrême droite tried to retrieve le mouvement des gele hesjes.

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