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«If you are not really happy, you are now young as a child»: they give the grossophobia

«If you are not too happy, you are now in love with the child» ou «You are not my only voyeur in the state where you are, I am an infirm, c'est la mort assegurat». Ces propos, tenus par dels gynécologues et rapportés par des femmes living with a surpoids, alerting sur grossophobie médicale, peut-on lire in an article by Liberation paru ce Monday 26 November.

Selon joins the unpublished research into the Clinical Ethic Clinic of the Cochin hospital in Paris, the desperate women of having an affair, a gymnastics gymnastics sufferers, who are still in consultation with their gynecologists.

The Chercheurs du Center asked when I interviewed fifty women with one IMC surpassed 30 sur les relacions enterteux avec leur médecin. That I am in the matière of gynecologie courante, of suivi de grossesse spontanée or of aide medicae a procréation. In parallel, a group of gynecologists was also proud.

«You are saving yourself, even here, you may still make a regime»

«I have the impression of having had a lot of money, of which I can not be remarkably worthy», explain a jeune femme, comme si «The obesity parasite the consultation», the daily rhyme. «The gynecologist has told me that I was unconscious» to see an infant, relate to another woman.

Dans le groupe de femmes ayant une grossesse spontanée, certs paroles sont bien plus violentes: «The gynecologist who comes to my mind» You are saving yourself, too, you can often make a regime »», «Certains told me not to give a dog a 40-year-old, you will do better to make a regime».

«If you ignore you are poids, you ignore the patient», indicate an interrogated gynecologist. Pour ces spécialistes, surpoids or obésité représentent an important cardiovascular risk factor. «The relation with the gynecologist gets out of plus plus, it keeps you in the middle of bigness, it keeps you from the bigger in the AMP. Comme if the mother tongue authorizes the women to blame, and give them maternity too soon »souligne l'étude

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