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"Implant files": testimonies of victims


The victims of PIP prostheses, Essure implants or Prolift prosthesis, have been reported by several women in the Health Magazine over the last few months.

Medical world Thunderclap. "Survey on Implants," a survey conducted by the International Consortium for Journalists Research (ICIJ), reveals that the European certification of many medical devices is virtually unchanged. These include breast implants, vaginal prosthesis, contraceptive implants, hip prostheses or pacemakers.

In France, according to data from the National Drug Safety Agency (ANSM) data, the number of incidents related to these implants has doubled in ten years, with more than 18,000 cases in 2017. and about 158,000 events in about 10 years. According to ICIJ, this report is very opaque. Health magazineOn the other hand, it includes testimonies of several years.

Joëlle, victim of PIP's prosthesis

Joëlle Manighetti was taken to trial by Jean-Claude Masen for the Pipp's prosthesis scandal with 7,445 women. "We diagnosed breast cancer in 2009 after diagnosing it. This cancer was a sudden mastectomy that had to be reconstructed immediately. I was implanted with PIP prostheses on November 9, 2009. Three weeks later, I began to experience major inflammatory problems. A month later, my skin was reopened. At the beginning of January, I had a helmet [quand ça durcit autour de la prothèse, ndlr] It is very important very early, breast and significant back pain. I had an appointment with the surgeonst April: The day before, we learned about the health decision to prohibit these prostheses. He then removed him and the prosthetics lost 10% of the volume. Silicone affected the operation within six months."

All of the people in the PIP explained that they had reported these errors. "It lasted for 10 years, as the control of the certificate was added, and everything was hidden. These prostheses were manufactured with homologous gel."As a reminder, the implants filled with silicone gel in the 2001 and 2010 implants sold by the PIP company, instead of Nusil, for the gel industry room, the Brentagg room was used for the treatment of the rooms used in the room, the TUV 13 inspections were carried out at the PIP headquarters , Between January 1997 and January 2010, by checking against regulations and raw materials.

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Marielle and Christelle, the victims of Essure implants

The Essure implant was launched three months ago, in August 2017. The CE mark is not renewed: without this symbol, there is no medical device sold in Europe. But it is a simple administrative problem, according to the Irish certification body, the National Authority of Ireland (NSAI). According to ANSM, 1,087 women had a negative impact on the functioning of the device or on February 2003 and 2017. Since 2001, Essure has sold a million units in the world, including 240,000 French, according to Bayer.

Marielle, four mothers, has resolved to definitively decide against the 2012 contraception. The gynecologist offers the latest method: Essure implants. At first he was very happy, but after a year they were wrong. "On the face I started waves. I had an indescribable pain. At the end of 2014 I had a lot. There, hell started"His symptoms are getting worse on his bedtime, but the doctor does not understand his pain, and the Internet realizes he's not isolated:"I think that they are the most problematic in the United States, Holland and Spain. I'm not just this doctor's way."

Christelle was established in 2015. Allergic reaction is suspected. "I felt my body was completely dying, it was dying. It was torture. At times, I had electricity in my legs, although I was lying at nightHe remembers that implants are final and to eliminate them, Christelle has a hysterectomy.

Catherine Prolift's prostate victim

Catherine suffers from genital prolapse. In 2010, if he got rid of the bladder, when his life became impossible, he did not hesitate to have Prolift vaginal prosthesis installed. By default, the problem is resolved, but three years later there is an intense pain. "Only worse were urinary infections, urinary tract, stomach upset, the skull of the bladder …"he recalls.

After several months of doctors, Catherin links her suffering to her vaginal prosthesis. "I had a radio cube that showed the rating: we see a small white lake that migrates to the limestone cluster and the bladder accumulated around the task of my prostate. He eventually crossed the bladder wall"he said.

The surgeon reorganizes the removal of the parts of the prosthesis. It is a very delicate job, as stated by Catherine: "Prosts are mixed in tissues, so we can not decide to eliminate everything.Catherine is in her third interventions and the fourth is not rejected: her polypropylene prosthesis and her body rejects the plastic fabric.

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