Saturday , October 19 2019
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In a dark way built in iOS 13

Apple's new mobile operating system version has a darker way and iPad's specific features and improvements to CarPlay, according to Bloomberg.

This dark way is applied to the whole system, and not only protects your eyes from darkness but also allows you to gain autonomy. This would be a logical decision after launching the MacOS (Mojave) mode in 2018.

Exactly iPada would be a start-up of a brand-new idea, but for now without more information, as well as some tabs for navigating in applications, to perform various tasks at the same time. CarPlay enhancements would also be in the program, but they still have more details.

Finally, according to Bloomberg, Apple also offers new services through iOS 13, such as the online magazine subscription service or the original video content.

The IOS 13 draft will be announced next in the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) before June 30, 2019, when it releases the new iPhone.


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