Wednesday , February 1 2023

In Spain, cardiology training would be more beneficial


New weekends at the weekend in Lima, the American Congress of Cardiology of the Americas (ACC) in the American Congress of Congress, muscular endurance exercises could be more effective in reducing the risk. Heart disease is called "cardio" rather than sports like cycling.

This study was evaluated in San Diego University, researchers from Grenada (West Indies), who had stomach exercises (weight training and dynamic exercise, such as walking or cycling) on ​​health issues. cardiovascular

Already knownphysical activity Provides many health benefits in general heart health In particular, the research did not distinguish previously differences Types physical activity

For this new study, scientists have analyzed 4,086-year-old adult data and have studied their cardiovascular risks, including blood pressure, weight, diabetes and cholesterol, in response to blood glucose levels. static or dynamic activity.

Participants were also classified in two ages: adults between 21 and 44 years of age and over 45 years of age.

Taking into account age, ethnicity and smoking, the researchers participated in the activities static or dynamic was linked to one lowering the rate 30 and 70% of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease,

These associations were more powerful for static activities and for young participants.

"At the same time In Spain and laerobic activity It also seems good for heart health in small doses", Commercial researcher Maia P. Smith."Doctors should advise patients to exercise anyway – two types The activities were beneficial. However,static activities It seemed to be more beneficial than dynamic, and patients with physical activity increased the level of activity more than patients."

However, he stated "Static and dynamic activity among young people among the elderly"."I believe that doctors may tell their elderly people the opportunity to go to the gym or on the road. It's important to be sure physical activity."

A large study published last week at the University of Iowa has already shown that during the week 59-50 minutes of music need to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 40-70%.

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