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Influenza and gastroenteritis epidemics: the most affected PACA region

Last week, Influenza and gastro-enteritis epidemics settled in Provence Provence and Cote d'Azur, mainly in the Alps.

Sentinel surveillance network involves a difficult general situation.

► The rate of illnesses in illnesses observed in the general medical check-up was 418 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. 258 acute diarrhea.
Gastroenteritis "somewhat exceeds the threshold of the third queue epidemic. In the French metropolis, 116,000 new cases were reported last week in the general medicine, according to the Sentinel network.

Flu View

On the other hand, at the national level, the health agency "exaggerates the excesses of all deaths among 15-64 and over 85-year-old people over the first two weeks of January.

However, he indicated that the first estimates of the number of deaths caused by influenza will only be available in the coming weeks.
It also reports reports "An important part of the flu in hospital admissions."

Emerging from the hospital emergency room, more than a thousand were in hospital, almost 400 more than last week, according to the Oscour network.
These hospitalizations are particularly concerned 75 years and over (39%) and under 5 (20%).

In front of the pig, there is nothing in our region.

To defeat gastro diet: diet and hydration

Gastroenteritis virus is quite easily identified nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever or fatigue.. It is resistant one or three days. To avoid capturing, here are some recommendations:

  • Wash your hands regularly, After a direct contact with the patient or a surface that can infect the viruses (door handles, goggles …). At least one hydroalcohol solution in your hands can not clear soap and water.
  • Regularly ventilate the room.
  • Disinfect the children's shared toys
  • To cure the virus, doctors recommend it digestive diet and hydration, That is, eating a lot of water and drinking a lot of water. In order to prevent contamination by others, it is not recommended to avoid spotting cough in the mouth of the arm, rather than using paper tissue, especially to prevent contact with brittle people.

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