Wednesday , January 27 2021

IPhone 11 can be a wireless charging station with Apple Watch and AirPod

If you are the owner AirPods or from it smartwatchApple Watchyou do not know how to find it unusualautonomybecause low capacity du battery integrated into these devices. It has so many users external battery. What is their usefulness? iPhone.

Latest models, among others XR They have been released for the last time in September Qi technology Thanks for that wireless charging stations to make life easier for mobile users. But what would you say?iPhone He was the same contact charger ?

Apple iPhone to transfer additional power

This idea seems to be very innovative, not the first one. In fact, Samsung Galaxy S10Since it was launched in San Francisco, it was launched by the Korean giant, which already has a special feature. We can feed battery from another smartphonejust stuck in the back S10. Excited!

in relation toiPhone 11It should have the same solutions, this time available AirPods headphonesThe new version has been formalized, but also a new version Watch who is connected clock the best in the market.

When will we enjoy it?

This information is still there rumorHowever, the latest revelations come from the Japanese site that proved to be true all the time. That's why there is a good chance to take advantage of this iterationiPhone Telling Cupertino.

On the other hand, USB-C port Many buyers are honestly waiting, we have to wait. Here are the departures on the next shoreApple one after another and they are not the same, but Conference of Tim Cook whose date is still unknown to everyone who agrees.

Well, when we know that iPhone so far the beginning has not kept them the same day connected object… yours hard Imagine being able to use another device to charge.


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