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Iphone sales are completely sinking in 2019

Iphone continues to lose its beauty in the first quarter of 2019 after catastrophe sales: Apple has sold 32 to 42 million mobile phones against the anticipated 42 million. The brand's apples have not gotten rid of the new models (XR, XS or XS Max) on the market.

The Decline of Apple Giant

The iPhone went better in 2018 than in 2019 Sales decrease from 10% year-to-year in the first quarter. While Apple draws curious people, after publishing a new model, The Iphone XR, XS and XS Max jumped into the outlets, According to OTR Global. The company argues that the latest models would find fewer buyers Apple's sales sales numbers continue to rise.

Inspector magnifier

The total smartphone market fell by 4% in sales in 2018 pCompared to 2017. There is still no improvement in the situation in 2019, according to analysts, which are expected to drop further in the coming months. Although the telephone sector is declining, some manufacturers have appeared, such as Xiomi or Huawei, without shaking Apple's giant market share.

Become a gradual application

Apple has revenue of 55 and 59 billion dollars per year But due to the drop in sales, the hope may be difficult. Meanwhile, Steve Jobs has been preparing the development of many brand-name brands for its users, such as the Apple TV application, available at public beta in late March.

The group also continues Development of a payment system called Apple Pay Goldman Sachs and Mastercard with the help of giant financials. Next to the phone, Apple will promote sales of iPhone 5G in 2020.

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