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"It's not a good idea for England 15-16 years"

Do not leave Belgium too early – that is, Stirr Associates advocates young footballers in Belgium. To advise their players, Stirr Associates, a Belgian football agency Mertens dried and Toby Alderweireld Among other things, students from the University of Antwerp made an exile on the potential risks of exiles. The test was mainly held between the Premier League and the Belgian talents between 2005 and 2018. Conversation Francis Stijn, Director of Stirr Associates.

"Our office represents a large number of Belgian or foreign players, and youngsters between 15 and 16 can request an English club, attracting better infrastructure and then having the best world champion, the best players, etc. In order to meet these expectations, Belgian clubs will be able to They said they would try to keep the youngsters in order to have more opportunities to play as a Belgian first team. "We decided to give our players an analysis of the effects of the transfer of a young England player to the University of Antwerp." Stijn Francis went in for the first time.

What was the discovery of this research?
Stijn Francis: "The conclusion was very clear: when we went to England, it was not a good idea for 15-16 years, it's not a breakthrough in the race. Better stay in Belgium."

You are a player agent like Toby Alderweireld or Zinho Vanheusden, at the age of 15, two players left Belgium. He worked, but Vanheusden had to win in Belgium. Have you been an agent in the time of your choice?
"No, I was not an agent, but there are different cases because the Netherlands and Italy have gone, and the result of these countries is not clear yet. The findings of the research are only useful for England, and it has not yet been proven that young Italians leave a career for a young player It would be a bad idea. Careers in England have shown great differences. "

Many players have been in England in recent years and can be much less in Italy?
"Yes, in whole. There are less Italian or French Belgians, so it is impossible for other Italians or Italians in the future."

And why does not it lock in England?
"There are many reasons: firstly, it is very difficult for a young player to be the first team, with a huge competition, a player determined by Swiss tests had a better career in First Team time, and, of course, England is more difficult than Belgium. And then, it must be said that when it's been 15 years it's not easy, the language you do not speak and your family is far away. In addition to playing football, there is a possibility to adapt. I think I would not even have the fear level. Our schools are renowned. Moreover, among youth, the level is not necessarily better in England. That's why it's better to stay in Belgium. "

In Belgium, young players from Belgium have enough opportunities?
"No, it's not enough, we give it to the best player, but we can do it more … If you compare the Netherlands, for example, there are fewer foreigners in their league, because there is a minimum wage for foreigners, in Belgium it's 80,000 gross, compared to 200,000 in the Netherlands. They will be able to use young players, but in Belgium it will be easier to find foreign players, with England's unique ".

So if I continue, a young Belgian player should play in the Netherlands in Belgium.
"So we can not guarantee it, but I think it would be interesting to study … but if you want my personal opinion … I am afraid the Netherlands is really interesting to stay in Belgium."

Does the result of this study change the way you recommend your player?
"Yes, we have a scientific study we have looked at today, we thought and accepted, but we must be honest, in some English clubs they offer more salaries for players and their families, the final decision."

Research in particular by Yuri Tielemans and Charly Musonda Jr. It compares them to the race. If you kept Musona in Belgium, did you do a better career?
"Mmh … It's hard to say … I think I stopped at Anderlecht, he would have to play the first team and therefore be more successful."

Going to England in the first team is not possible in the long run to be dangerous. Awareness of our talents: stay in Belgium and be patient.

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