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"I've learned to live"

Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse, France

Currently diaphragmatic hernia is diagnosed in the uterus, thanks to ultrasound control during pregnancy. This strange illness is a mixture of parental knowledge of Barbarian. Diaphragm, when the abdomen tears the muscles, the intestines, the stomachs and sometimes the liver, the lungs rise and the lungs compress. This causes the baby's birth to be seriously affected by breathing.

"It's good to talk about this disease" – Mathéo, 16

Mathéo lives with his family in Saint Pierre de Chartreuse. Today is her birthday. He's 16 years old! A feast, like every teenager!

Mathéo hernia is diaphragmatic from birth. He learned the disease. He has an incident and I know that he enjoys momentum. A clear and calm voice, he explained: "For my illness, I have trouble with the intestines. I can not throw and pay attention to my diet. Right now, I'm fine. But a year ago, suddenly, I wrote pain, stomach too much stung. I had to be in the hospital. "

Mathéo wants to become a viscous surgeon

As he has spent a lot of time in a hospital room, Mathé wants sports, skis, hiking and cycling. He's doing a bachelor's degree, but he knows what he wants to do: "He was a little bit of a heart surgeon. This fascinates me. I'm ready to take long studies. I will know how to talk to my patients because I live in these situations. "

Nowadays, it is better to look after pregnancy because of diaphragmatic hernia. Mathé prefers further research in this area. "It's important to talk about this disease," he concluded.

A partnership for children and parents

Fanny Cauvet has organized an APEHDIA, an association to analyze the diaphragmatic hernia in the Paris region. Arturo's mother, who is 4 years and a half, suffers from this illness. After three days after his birth, he was admitted for several weeks. He has a normal life today, but he is still in custody.

Fanny Cauvet is the headquarters of the association that helps families with diseases - Radio France
Fanny Cauvet acknowledges the associations that help families with diseases © Radio France

On this day of rare diseases, his association wants to inform the general public about this pathology. "We are a volunteer association. We are surrounded by parents who will announce their future childhood illness. And most importantly, you need to approach the baby and get to work during its operation, we provide financial support for donations. We are also linked to the medical team to improve the daily life of the child and with his family. "

1 to 5 diaphragmatic diaphragm patients for 10,000 births

In France, there are 10,000 births from 1 to 5 cases. Four hundred pregnancies cause this pathology. The death rate is currently around 50% of deaths, according to statistics.

The parent-child hospital of the Grenoble University Hospital is one of the abilities of treatment for this rare illness. Five children are on average every year. The following are: " At birth, the child stays for two days, then it works. Once the artichoke is restarted, the "recouded" diaphragm or hole is "closed" with gore-tex membranes. "It examines, in simple words, the medical Catherine Gabrielle of the visual surgery department."Although it is a test, because it is too long, it is expected to continue living and growing like others"Dr. Catherine Jacquier is delighted.

APEHDIA has published this poster to better understand diaphragmatic hernia - None
APEHDIA has published this poster for a better understanding of the diaphragmatic hernia
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