Friday , February 3 2023

Jean-Marie, an old 72-year-old butcher, lost his life in a four-vehicle accident in Thulin-Hainin


Shortly thereafter, at 8:00 p.m., on Tuesday morning, traffic is prohibited in the direction of one's own, in the 51 linking Quiévrain and Boussu.
Serious accident,
where a driver died, which happened on the road, just a few meters from the crossroads of Saint-Man. Ambulance assistants, police officers and firefighters sent them to the scene.

Exactly, two vehicles from Boussu came out of tears. One of them violently faced a house, before dragging a few meters into the parking lot. And to finish the race against a tree … Injured, the 71-year-old driver from Elouges was taken to hospitals. According to our information, days are not compromised.

The other vehicle, on the other hand, was in the TV distribution circle. The companion unfortunately could not do anything to save his occupant … He was his name
Jean-Marie (photo).
He was an old butcher of Curgies in Hauts-de-France, across the border.

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