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Lime Contest: Flash electric scooters land in Brussels

In Belgium

Flash, a Berlin-based mobility company, is currently launching its first phase in Brussels, labeled by black electric scooters "This is not a scooter" ("This is not a scooter").

That way, they will be close to public transport stations, as a car as a specific alternative and as a last resort solution.

In fact, travelers arriving to the station at Brussels and Midi today can follow the path of "Scooter this is not" / "This is not scooter". Flash proposed. "This is not the dedication of René Magritte," the first phase of Flash expansion in Brussels. To this end, the company aims primarily to provide a mobility solution, as a complement to the STIB and the SNCB. Electric scooters are a safe, convenient, affordable and comfortable alternative to auto-efficient. Flashe co-ordinates with the city of Brussels and other European cities, encouraging the active mobility of mobile mobility to achieve a greener and greener future.

Solutions for the first and last kilometerse

Flash is a European micro-mobility company based in Berlin. The company is ready to prepare its first mobility solutions, the European Union's largest financing in the European Union's technology, about 55 million euros. Tim Rucquoi-Berger, Flash and one of the founders of Brussels, explained: "The European public transport network is one of the best in the world. However, it often seems fragmented. In definite terms, the meter can not stop at the portal of all the citizens. As a result, Flash's scooters can solve this problem by combining it with public transportation offers, making the final mile an effective and affordable solution. For this reason, we are focusing on the opening of the wheel stations and train stations around the first phase of our inauguration to offer the most efficient transport for the last mile. In Brussels we are working on operations, orderly streets and, ultimately, the safety of scooters and citizen users.".

Pascal Smet, the Brussels Mobility Minister, welcomes Flash: "I believe in mobile mobility solutions in Brussels. Our city was built as an automobile city for the development of road infrastructures and parking spaces. The city of the future must make citizens a human scale. The individual car will be shared mobility solutions. Electric scooters can cover the first and the last kilometers or make trips planned..

Brussels-adapted solution

Flashe develops her scooters adapted to the peculiarities of Brussels, and she intends to offer it very soon in Brussels. Food management, topography, land characteristics, weather conditions and integration of public and private transport are all elements considered to ensure the best possible experience for the public. to consumers

Flash is the goal to maximize mobility in terms of mobility. Electric scooters are just the starting point for generational micro-mobility opportunities.

To download the application, go to the following links:

Apple Store: https://itunes.apple.com/be/app/nas-01-this-is-not-a-scooter/id1446543957?mt=8

Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=LMTS+Germany

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