Sunday , December 5 2021

looking for shots against the flu


Lilian has many chronic illnesses. As every year, this resident of Privas received a certificate to get rid of the flu vaccine from the first health insurance fund. He searched all the pharmacies around him. In vain. And he was very worried. The department ended up changing: he expanded his search to Drôme and eventually found the vaccine at a pharmacy in Livron.

I have to say that Only 50% of chronic patients receiving a retirement voucher applied in recent years. 90% have done so this year. This is partly what caused this deficiency.

One and a half million doses

One and a half million doses of the flu vaccine are expected to arrive in early December. These are doses taken from the state stock. But it is not certain that this is enough. A priori chronic patients should have access. But it will be more complicated for everyone.

Eric Sauvan is a pharmacist at Privas. He has not been vaccinated for several days. The 700 vaccines he ordered disappeared within a few weeks. It usually gives them until January. Eric Sauvan doesn’t know if he will receive the news. But he decided to prioritize requests if it does not have enough doses. It will provide vaccinations to those who have the most difficulty among the chronically ill who apply.

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