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Medicine: New techniques against malaria – News: news

Malaria for impregnation of mosquito networks used by malaria food is a new weapon against malaria, a study published on Wednesday. The mosquitoes make insecticides more resistant.

Using mosquitoes using insecticides, the WHO has been part of the recommended weaponry to prevent malaria from infected mosquito bites. Since 2000, two thirds of world-wide infections of the infections would be obtained by 2015.

But more and more mosquitoes are developing resistance to insecticides, challenging the effectiveness of this strategy. The WHO reported in November that an epidemic of 219 million people had occurred during the last four years and that it had caused 435,000 deaths in 2016 in 2016.

Delete the parasite

A research team from Harvard University in Boston has created an alternative path that does not kill mosquitoes, but eliminates the parasitic Plasmodium disease. carriers

Laboratory has been reproduced in the laboratory when mosquitoes show up when there are mosquitoes. Insects were fed with the infected blood with parasitic and then placed atovaquone with a low dose lid or ATQ for about six minutes.

In the prevention and treatment of malimalism in humans, the flakes kill parasites by inhibiting mitochondrial functions. The researchers obtained the same results to show atovaquone mosquitoes, according to the article published in Nature magazine.

"We have tested two types of antimalarials and have worked very well with ATQ: all parasites have been killed," said Flaminia Catteruccia, a professor of Infectious Diseases in Harvard and the author of the research.


The method is "safe for people who sleep according to these mosquitoes and their surroundings," says Dr. Catteruccia. The food has been injected into the bloodstream for 24 hours beforehand, it has been effective.

According to the computer modeling of the researchers, this approach will significantly offset "healthy insect resistance" in the fight against malaria. However, the research must only be in the previous phase and "resistance appearance" atovaquone in parasites is "always a risk," says Flaminia Catterucci.

To prevent this problem, the authors suggest that other parasitic pathways with different mechanisms of research are used to eliminate drugs or use drugs between humans and mosquitoes. (Sal / NXP)

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