Saturday , July 2 2022

Medtronic implants caused several deaths


According to reports from medical implants in a study published in international journalism, Medtronic has hit 9,300 deaths and 292,000 injured in the United States in 2008 and 2017.

According to reports from the U.S. regulators, five medical events were associated with Medtronic product, just like the company's double competitors.

The "Implant Files" survey, conducted by media from 36 countries, also includes reports from the International Journalism Research Consortium (ICIJ), Japanese, Norwegian, and Australian authorities. American companies have experienced the highest incidence in the last five years.

In detail, since 2008, the insulin pumps manufactured by Medikron or its components have been able to protect the illnesses of 2,600 deaths and 150,000 injured in the United States. The interviews with journalists in Finland, Germany, Canada, India and the United States of America, which the victims and families of the victims had reportedly investigated, did not report any insulin pumps or risks.

The United States Federal Drug Agency has warned that it is normal that the largest producer of medical devices is also the most known event, the ICIJ says.

In a long article on its website, however, the consortium implies Medtronic, both judicially or ethically, the abuse of its implants or physicians with passionate medical relationships. They are the origin of their products or their favorable studies.

In a written response to ICIJ, Rob Clark spokesman Medtronic says patient safety is the main priority of the company to find the "highest ethical standard".

"The accusations are not facts and it should not be interpreted that Medtronic has violated our legal, ethical or regulatory obligations in one way or another," he added, while emphasizing that Medical Products has a level of risk.

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