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Molenbeek: Schepmans (MR) will be fine


Par Vanessa Lhuillier

Sophie de Vos, bourgmestre f.f. of Auderghem, will be at the head of the collège le plus féminin.

Sophie de Vos, bourgmestre f.f. of Auderghem, will be at the head of the collège le plus féminin. – M.G.

LIt is commonplace in the course of December to dissociate the members of future bureaucrats and stables. In addition to devoir to find the candidates the most competitive and the most motivated, another contract is added. The unforgiving colloquia tendre vers la parité o compter au minimum 1/3 of members of one same sex. In spite of it, it is difficult to convince women's men to take responsibility for them. In other cases, I have been jailing in the voices of prefeence from you and I have sex.

All the colloquiums are no longer available for you but for the moment, your commune proposes more women than men and members of the school. Il s'itit d'Auderghem. Pour le bourgmestre empêché, Didier Gosuin (Défi), do not forget to watch it. Leaving with Ecolo, the savait that comes to an end with him: Elise Willame et Lieve Jorens comme névéfone. Du côté de Défi, and it was not possible to keep an eye on what he was looking for the former rest of the collège.

«J'ai pris en considération les voix de préférence, explains Didier Gosuin. Comme bourgmestre faisant fonction, j'avais désigné Sophie de Vos. Pour le reste, choix fut parfois difficile car l'était important to rajounir collège. Gold, new ones 65% of them. New planes take the decision of the ensemble in addition to the unavailability of Chacun. »

With regard to voices of preference, Didier Gosuin told four women and you are hommes. Deux hommes avaient tout de même engraved plus voix de préférence. The East Christophe Magdalijns, the actuel bourgmestre faisant fonction. Celui-ci decided to introduce himself to the Region in addition to prochain. The other is Michel Colot who is in pre-emptiness and it will not happen because he is cheated. Regarding the présidence du CPAS, Didier Gosuin decided on confronting Jean-Claude Vitoux on the placard of the current president, Véronique Arthus. «There are a few problems at CPAS and I think that it's good to change the management», trust the prosecutor for the purpose of his post ministerial.

But Auderghem makes an exception in the Région bruxelloise. In Ixelles, for example, the PS-MR colloquium was mostly female, the prochain composé of Ecolo et du PS reviewed sous la barre from 50% stables. Et du côté des Socialists, Caroline Désir will be his sister. «New grandparents take into account the voices of preference, précise Caroline Désir. Chez nous, the hommes where you made more great scores. In the same time, new savions that will be the opposite will be made Ecolo où les femmes sont plus nomuses. If this was not the case, new guesses of the order were scuffed. Believing that cell, I did not rejoice. New grandchildren who are looking for the best option, we want to thank the women for whom you are also doing important scores. »

Congratulate the women of monter in the gangs

Pour le futur bourgmestre d'Ixelles, Christos Doulkeridis (Ecolo), he was a light choir. Il souhaitait avoir trois femmes et deux hommes comme verts échevins. «Traditionally, we are the best source of scores, add Christos Doulkeridis. So, it is logical that they sound better than others, but they must be aware of Chacun's dreams. I'm surprised that I had the argument for convaincre or not, monteries. Au cours de ma carrière, I remarked that he failed to find insister for the women accepting the responsibility post. Regardless, they are not thinking of being the most competent part of the game or where they have more than one day. I would like to tell you that my life is also primordial. J'ai pris des vacances en pleine campagne for me for my son. I think that we are not worth the extra money of the aider surmonter ces peurs. »

All the candidates are going to be conseil but not forcibly saved. Une solution pourret être une adaptation des tempsires des reunions et aussi une meilleure répartition des tâches dans les foyers.

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