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Moteur à l'arrêt, electricity bill, pension …: what is the change to 1er september

From March 1 to March, the intercession of the laisser tourner will be the motor to the arrêt in Wallonie.

TOut comme début du mois de février, mois de mars aussi are lots of changements, impacting the daily life of Belges. The Wallonia is particularly visa par ces nouveautés.

In Wallonie, the laissez are moteur tourner à l'arrêt devient une infraction environnementale

As of March 1, 2019, the laisser are a moteur tourner who is on the verge of an environmental infraction in Wallonia. This infringement will be passable for a fee of 130 euros in perverted perception. The users should take a closer look at their shopping cart, and find themselves in the circulation, as well as the attendants of their faces at the school desks.

Fresh increase of the electricity bill in Wallonia

Transportation rates, from components of the electricity bill, increased by 4.1% in Wallonia as of Friday, I indicated one of the leaders of the regulator wallon du marché de l'énergie, CWape. This price range will result in an increase of five euros HTVA for a customer residing in the South of the country.

Diminution voire suppression of the contribution of solidarity pension

A new diminution of the contribution of solidarity in retirement will be effective as of March 1. The measure will bring about the suppression of the contribution for certain categories of pensions.

The solidarity price is a progressive social retention on the gross total amount of pensions, from certain additional benefits. In 1994, Dehaene was put in place by the Government of Dehaene to lorsque the global plan of austérité had to prepare the Belgique to enter the euro.

This holds between 0 and 2%, depending on the amount of gross total amount and the quality of the pension, which is to say whether or not you are deductible.

Who will changer pour Proximus clients?

The operator at the end of the day offers a payday loan with Pay & Go + as of Friday. The operator proposes up to 10 extra mobile phone numbers to their clients who would like to recharge online.

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