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"My challenge is better known as mad and crazy"

I like Belgium

The actor works from April 2 to 7 at the Auderghem Cultural Center Love is there Patrick Chesnais, Valérie Bègue and Laurent Gamelon.

Pierre-Yves Easter.

Paris match. So how is Gigi famous? bronze?
Marie-Anne Chazel. I know them as crazy and crazy as my values. I'm Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: I have been another job than myself. My characters are often victims, they are fighting, fighting and positive, they do not see losers. They do not complain and they always do it.

You are here with a sentimental burlesque, in a piece called Love is there.
We might think that turning off the woman, her husband and her lover right away from the start. This spouse does not want to wipe his wife when he wants to go along with his drugstore lover. This is the opposite. They are not in the same wavelength. He has joined him as a dead rat. The cowardly man does not want to choose, so he will die …

You've been living with Christian Clavier for thirty years and you know a new love story today. What is the secret life of the couple's life?
You have to be able to adapt to the events, make efforts, fight. Especially we think that we live in something common. If you think your partner is going to die, he dies. So do not think about it! The others did not love or give something that they did not understand. it improves. Our parents lived together all their lives, but it was not for that reason that they were happy. Together it was in society. But what price? This room does not fundamentally find these topics. Laughter happens with giant things. Untied stresses. And it feels good: to laugh at ten minutes a day is like eating beef. In the end, I do not say it for vegans, otherwise it will throw me darts …

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What is your link to Belgium?
It is an artistic bond. I've come very early to present one of the first shows we created in Splendid in the 70's. We did not shoot the movie, that is, we were young? That happened at the Sainte-Anne Atelier, on the Sainte-Anne street, next to the Sablon River. The cafe theater was founded by two young boys, a nightclub, a restaurant and an art gallery. We started off, my history finished studying. They offered to open the cafe theater and we were playing for two months. We lived in Brussels, alternating the two shows. We found the city, we had fun and … Michel Blanc was a caravan. I remember that he had torn his muscles, we laughed dead!

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After a lot of years, a little sin?
(He pulled out a small bag in the purse) Chocolate! I love Neuhaus and Marcolini.

Favorite dish?
Waterzooi. Especially for fish. Or shrimp crout.

Belgian favorite expression?
Somebody who laughed a lot laughs at Namur, because we were there at the humorous festival. We introduced our well-known confectionery for Blueberry Tartas. Then the lady told us (she accentuates Marie-Anne Chazel): "Is not it whipped cream? We have laughed a few hours!

What do you want to borrow from France in Belgium?
I would say that it was contrary to the proposition, tolerance. I realize people live in a very unfamiliar country. The Belgians are not in any way. Since Belgium is more and more broken in France, there is more tolerance. It's even smaller. It may have a kind of fragility that gives greater openness. In France, however, we have many characteristics, but above all we have great flaws: a sense of superiority.

And, secondly, what do you not understand in Belgium?
Political operation mode. Although it works. And without government, apparently. No, but what lesson! really poses a problem with the use of one … (laughter)

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Marie-Anne Chazel Poster of the play that plays in Brussels in early April. © DR

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