Sunday , February 5 2023

Namure police operations: Controlling around 100 people … (Namur)


Police operations in Namur: 100 people selected and 3 judicial arrests

Special targeted control drugs, mobilized around seventy policemen.

EdA – Florent Marot

On Tuesday afternoon, the massacres at the station surprised the massive expansion of several police stations in Godefroid Street. All police services in Namur were on the ground with the help of Police and Federal Customs: 98 people were monitored.

For several weeks, citizens call the Namur police "evolution of people with inappropriate behavior".

Use of drugs and alcohol is also spoken on the streets, traffic, but also insults … All this increases insecurity.

Some of the city's neighborhoods have directed this operation, which is still incessant. But the most widely accepted checks at the station, the station and the rue Godefroid stations were made. Other areas, especially at the lower part of the city, have been targeted. This is Samb's docks next to the Maison de la Culture.

In total, seventy agents mobilized this operation.

The federal police also had support, especially in the presence of various narcotics detecting dogs.

More accurate results will be announced this afternoon, but the prosecutor of Namur confirms three judicial arrests, all related to drug trafficking.

In the end, large devices controlled 98 people. The authorities carried out thirteen administrative arrests and seven judicial arrests.

Incivilities were also involved. Penalties for municipal administration were written.

"This is very impressive, but others, the more cautious, will be done regularly," warns the police in Namur.

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