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Nandrin: he wanted to disappear after 17 years

Auguste Franckart left home in the afternoon on Wednesday and did not appear.

TheOn Wednesday night, the federal police caused a 17-year-old Nandrin's death. Auguste Franckart left his house at rue de Bourgogne on Tuesday afternoon and has not appeared since then. The appearance of the search is distributed at the Liège Fiscal Office (Huy Distribution), in collaboration with Child Focus.

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Nerea is slender, 1m77 tall, with short brown hair and brown eyes. During his disappearance, he wore black trousers, a fluorescent orange with a MTB jacket and a black helmet. The young man hangs on the black GHOST MTB, hanging on green fluorescent lines and shirts.

To send information about this disappearance you can go to any of the investigations by phone 0800 / 30,300 or by Child Focus 116,000. The testimonials can be sent to the email address at

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