Sunday , January 17 2021

New: Detect heart disease with your toilet!

du Rochester Technology Institute da universities Known for his work in America researchers in mattersdata processing and science duengineer. Last innovation Could not have a device Connect any toilet to help people in dangercongestive heart failure (EKI).

Yes smart bathroom was THESE 2019This other solution remains only MVP for now, but a bright future will be ordered in the field health. Actually, its creators are already working certify according to FDA (It is in charge of regulating the organs of the United States pharmacy-) marketing as soon as possible.

Heart Health Intelligence has invented clean toilets

The Dr. Nicholas Conn In the state of New York, startup It only expects to sell the origin of this new product hospital, but also special to do it to warn you any risk illnesses serious

How does it work? This tool is used blood pressure and oxygenation sensors and a Heart (like Samsung Galaxy S10e) for to size of the data Important information about the situation health learned patient Then it is enough to draw conclusions program who can tell who he is ECI was it detected or not

They can also use doctors

But that's not all. Because of that cardiologists those that follow ill can receive it notifications Since then in danger was it du according toalgorithm study responsibility data gathering Therefore, allowed they arrive faster and it's easier to warn you Qualified staff can intervene quickly.

du HealthTech It is an increasingly valued field investors. This great FTN is like that Philips It has definitely been chosen for companies that operate in the same sector Heart Health Intelligence can conquer it clinics Those who need new generation equipment.


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