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Plus belle la vie Wednesday, November 18, 2020: Early summary of section 4153 [SPOILERS] – TV Series News


In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … Luna and Milak move heaven and earth for Mouss. The Nebout family is divided around Jocelyn’s space plan, while Laetitia gradually takes a liking to life in the castle.

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Note that spoilers appear in the following paragraphs A more beautiful life broadcast on Wednesday evening on France 3!

Miles and Moons side with Mouss

Claire saves Mila from her attackers. However, he still believes Mouss is guilty of Monique’s murder. The next day, while Luna convinces Eugeniere that Mouss is the color of her skin and has been imprisoned, Mila receives a visit. He then explains his feelings of true love to Mouss, who feels his wings grow …

The Nebouts will get to know Jocelyn’s project

Yoland shares Jocelyn’s latest wishes with her relatives. The latter according to Hindu rites wants a funeral pyre before sending his ashes into space. If Patrick is up against it, Yoland can count on his grandchildren, who are at stake in helping Jocelyn’s body be stolen from the slaughterhouse.

Valentine has ruined Laetitia

To free Laetitia from dinner one by one with her, Valentine will take her place in Celestine. He later admits that he enlisted the help of his house staff to clean the windows. Touching her attention, Laetitia does not act against her.

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