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Pourquoi Jean-Jacques Goldman will not return to the Enfoirés

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Jean-Jacques Goldman, who passed the main one in 2016, has yet to explain the reason for his absence from the 30 years of the Enfoirés scene.

C'est le 8 mars prochain that TF1 diffused the concert of Enfoirés 2019 I recorded on the scene of Arkéa Arena in Bordeaux. But for the past 30 years of the event, Jean-Jacques Goldman, one of its founders, will not be present. « I think it important not to be present »I explained to myself that he had quit the troupe in 2016 au magazine Télé 7 Days, « It's worth mentioning that the page is being played by you who is new to the whole range of the "unique" artwork: from performing artists to performing concerts for a week, without entourage, and singing the songs of others, blessings! Merci, in all cases, will use your case without doing it from the years ».

Le compositeur, personnalité préférée des Français during its annuals, has dropped the troupe il and 3 ans, estimating that it is time for him to retire the next plus « the creativity, the idées, the modernity that you need to connect to » « Where you preach the loose quelques éditions aux Enfoirés. You need to be able to play plus and choose the main et de jeunes artists involved », Avait-il notamment écrit.

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Wars of clans

Beforehand, you can find a troupe who suffered from a troop of ego and clan wars, some of whom are artists who are crying. « Since then, I have been giving courage with certain colleagues who are not at home in their own way and who are going to be alone, to go to the TV. Ils vont mettre un coup de coude. Il y a des gens comme çça là-bas », I've trusted Thomas Dutronc Télé-Loisirs.

In attendant, the clip of the hymn of the 30th edition of Enfoirés is released on 24 February. «On trace», a chanson écrite by Vianney, is interpreted by the usual canteurs (Bruel, Lian Foly, Zazie, Jean-Louis Aubert, Pagny etc.), but also by the newcomers such as Didier Deschamps, Kylian Mbappe, Claudio Capéo , Slimane, or just Isabelle Nanty.

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